İthal kablolu rezistansı ile düşük enerji tüketimi 40-70 W. En iyi kalite güçlü çelik yapı. Beyaz boyalı ya da krom kaplama seçeneğiyle. Kolay montaj.  

If you like bold, geometric shapes choose the Athena A. Its contrasting curves and right angles create an eye-catching effect, with no compromise on space. The Athena A towel warmer is packed with choices. It is reversible and give you the option of installing the units face-up or -down, left or right. The concealed connection point allows you to link the units directly to the mains power supply to achieve a totally seamless effect or to use the supplied cord and plug for connection to a power point. A simple flick of a switch is all you need to operate the Athena A.

Athena A