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Model özeti

These high quality design radiators are made in Austria. The design radiators manufactured by VOGEL&NOOT meet numerous internationally recognised quality standards and the manufacturing processes at all of the production sites have been ISO certified.


Width Uzunluk 500, 600, 750, 900
Yükseklik Yükseklik 796 1196 1756

Connections Connections: 2 x external thread G 3/4 (for valve connection set) 2 x internal thread G 1/2 and 1 x internal thread G 1/4 (for vent plug)

Test positive pressure  Test aşırı basıncı: 13 bar

Maximal positive operating pressure  Maks. pozitif çalışma basıncı: 10 bar

Maximal operating temperature  Maks. çalışma sıcaklığı: 110 °C

Teknik bilgiler

Get an overview of the most important technical data. For further information, please download the featured pdf files.

Bağlantı modları

BAWA-VM connection examples

Flow Flow

Connections  Connections: 2 x external thread G 3/4 (for valve connection set) 2 x internal thread G 1/2, and 1 x internal thread G 1/4 (for vent plug)

Return Return

Test positive pressure  Test overpressure: 13 bar

Vent plug Vent plug

Maximal positive operating pressure  Max. positive operating pressure: 10 bar

Electric connection  Electric connection

Maximal operating temperature  Max. operating temperature: 110 °C

Boss spacing  Boss spacing


Accessory: PTC electric heating element
BAWA-VM radiators fitted with an electric heating element can also be used at times when the regular heating system is switched off. It is absolutely necessary to take account of the power-ratings assigned to the electric heating elements.

Basic standard accessories (included):
• a pivotable vent plug, G 1/4, and two dummy plugs, G 1/2, nickel-plated brass self-sealing, factory-sealed
• valve connection set in an angled two-pipe design
• covering rosette in matching radiator colour
• a wall mounting set matching the radiator colour
• fitting aid
• instruction sheet

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